Elastic Face Slimming Bandage V Line Face Shaper

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Elastic Face Slimming Bandage V Line Face Shaper by Ammpoure

Keep young & beautiful forever... You can almost hear that complement "Oh My! You look great! PERFECT THIN YOUR FACE, GOODBYE TO DOUBLE CHIN..NATURAL WAY, EASY TO USE. Now you can with our best selling face slimming face shaper!

Benefits / Features

  • Superior Material. Made of premium polyester fabricsoft and breathable for wearing.
  • Strong Functions. Evenly force on face tissue to promote blood circulationtighten neck, and shape V line chinPerfect for Face Slimming.
  • Ergonomic Design. 360°efficient fixing.
  • Easy for Storage. Lightweight and compactensuring both home and travel use.
  • Wide Suitable Occasions. You can enjoy face slimming and massaging while watching TVplaying gamessleeping, and more.




Material: SBR

Size: 60*12cm

Weight: 35g


Packaging includes

1pc face bandage 



  1. Question:How does the Elastic Face Slimming Bandage work to shape the face?

Answer: The Elastic Face Slimming Bandage is designed to provide gentle compression to the face and jawline. Applying consistent pressure promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces water retention, and helps define the V-line shape of the face over time.

  1. Question:Can this face-slimming bandage be comfortably worn during sleep?

Answer: Yes, many users find this face-slimming bandage comfortable enough to wear during sleep. Its breathable and stretchy material allows for ease of movement while applying the necessary pressure for face shaping.

  1. Question:How long does it take to see noticeable results with this V Line Face Shaper?

Answer: Results may vary, but consistent use of the V Line Face Shaper over several weeks can lead to noticeable improvements. The duration depends on factors such as individual skin elasticity and adherence to a regular wearing schedule.

  1. Question:Is the face slimming bandage adjustable for different face shapes?

Answer: Yes, the Elastic Face Slimming Bandage is often designed to be adjustable. It comes with customizable straps or closures, allowing users to tailor the tightness to their comfort level and adapt the bandage to different face shapes.

  1. Question:Can this V Line Face Shaper be used while performing daily activities, such as working or exercising?

Answer: Absolutely. The face-slimming bandage is lightweight and discreet, making it suitable for wear during various daily activities. Users can integrate it into their routine, whether working, exercising, or relaxing, to achieve consistent face-shaping results.


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