Ammpoure is a part of the most reliable women's clothing company Aspirado Trading Limited since 1999. We are known for quality and committed servicing to our buyers like Max Mara, Ulla Popken, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor and more. With AMPOUR™️ we have launched sustainable and luxury womenswear brand made natural dyes, 100% recycled vintage silk and hand beaded evening wear.

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Starting as a wholesale clothing buying office in New Delhi in 1999, we connected with several women's clothing manufacturers in Delhi and China of different levels, each specializing in different product women's clothing operations like - hand beaded special occasion dresses and tops, high quality women's clothing embroidery, women's clothing manufacturers having really very strong printing mills' relationships over the years.  

Women's Clothing Online
This is our India office - Amans Atlantic Pvt Ltd ( from where we control and monitor the production at women's clothing manufacturers. 
At this office, we have a team of -
Wholesale Clothing Merchandising
Wholesale Clothing Quality Assurance 
Wholesale Clothing Production


Women's Clothing Online USA

This is our New York office. We saw a major shift in our business of wholesale women's clothing moved to the United Stated from Europe with businesses like JC Penney,Potpourri Group IncLord & Taylor,  Neiman MarcusBloomingdale'sSeventh Avenue,AshroMidnight VelvetChadwicks of Boston,AmerimarkDr Leonard's, Full Beauty Brands,Roaman'sSoft SurroundingsTravelSmith and more


Women's Clothing Online London UK AspiradoUK office

This is our London office here in Austin Friars (central London). We have collaborated with London Chamber ,Department of International Trade and'Make It British' for exporting British designed and manufactured wholesale women's clothing. 

Also since we have a rich pool of women's clothing resources since 1999, we are able to match prices and quality of women's clothing, fashion businesses here in the UK ask for. Like SelfridgeTopshopNew LookNet A PorterJohn LewisDorothy PerkinsDebenhams and many more.

We supply wholesale women's clothing to ecommerce businesses, to women's clothing boutiques, to large size women's clothing retail stores. 



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