Spring has sprung and the wedding season is officially starting. Spring Weddingcan be the most stunning and fun. With the flowers blooming and the sun shining, it’s one of the first opportunities in the year to put your favourite summer dress on. 

One of the most fun, but let's face it, agonising parts of being a wedding guest is trying to figure out what to wear. If you are lucky, the invitation may include a dress code, which means less stress and hassle. Otherwise, you can assume that the dress code is formal / cocktail. Either way, it is still tricky to find an appropriate dress for a Spring Wedding.   

Scroll down below to see our favorite picks: 


You can't go wrong with a simple black dress. Adding a little bit of colour and sparkle will take this dress to a whole new level. Don't forget to update the look with colourful accessories. 



Flower Power 

It's this season’s favourite pattern and a perfect choice for your Spring Wedding attire. Since the weather is quite chilly outside you can get away with long sleeves. Floral dresses are so universal, you can wear them regardless of the dress code.   


a la Kate Middleton 

We are in love with Kate Middleton fashion style, especially her dress choices. The flattering shape of her dresses makes it ideal and warm for a Spring Wedding.  



Bold shades of red will make you look amazing and hopefully warm. Try pairing it with silver accessories for an upgraded look. 



Long silhouette dresses with high necklines will make a really good choice for a Spring Wedding. Your shape will look flattering regardless of the dress code. 



Hope you liked our ideas. Let us know in the comment section below which style would you wear for a Spring Wedding? 

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