Fancy Dinner Date

Fancy dinner dates are the best dates! I am sure most of you will agree. It is a great excuse to get dressed up and look your best. Whether you are setting out on a nerve-wracking first date or celebrating a romantic occasion you need an amazing outfit.  

Find out what to wear and what looks best on a fancy dinner date.  


For a stress-free first date outing opt for a casual lace dress or top, it will make you look modest yet sexy. Pair the look with a bag and heels. 




You can never go wrong with a fancy dress and jeweled embellishments, just look at this picture. The secret weapon to this outfit is a simple yet chick and fancy dress.  


One Shoulder 

One-shoulder-dress works best if you are in a long-term relationship (we wouldn't advise it on the first date for an obvious reason:-) If you want to spice up your romantic life, one shoulder dress is a way to go!  



If you struggle with what to wear, opt for basics. For the first date try the usual combo; a basic top and a fancy skirt. It's a perfectly balanced and sleek look.  


Bold Pattern 

Go for the bold pattern which is currently trending. You can also pair it with a basic top or pants. This look is not over the top and it will make you look confident and stylish. It’s a win-win.   


Embellished Cardigan 

Embellished carding is your answer to a fancy brunch date. Complete your look with a skirt or dark jeans. It's a fancy and relaxed look.   


Statement Print 

Try pairing a print with heels and a bag. It's a perfect and comfortable style if you don't want to look over the top.  



The nude colour is always a great idea for a date, it won’t look appealing on its own but if you pair it with the right accessories, this look will win the night! 



Hope you liked our picks. Let us know in the comment section below which one is your favourite look! :-)   

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