Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you are staying at home watching Netflix or going to a fancy restaurant with your other half or drinking one too many whiskeys with your friends, you will be needing an outfit!  
Going full on red is obvious Valentine’s Day choice, but don’t forget there are other attractive colours you should be taking advantage of. Even if you are dressing to impress or trying to keep it casual, we have something for you! 

Keep scrolling for the perfect V - day outfit! 

Black and White

If you are in doubt, opt for the classic black and white combo! Pair an outfit with black heels or add a bit of colour and wear golden sandals for the more casual look, just like you see on the picture.  


Little Black Dress

A great little black dress is always a good idea! Nothing can go wrong when choosing this outfit. Wear classic black dress straight from the office to a dinner date. Star-studded hand beaded dress adds sparkles to the chick look. Pair an outfit with a small black clutch bag. 


A little goes a long way

Step up your V - day game and add some sparkles to a simple outfit. The striped design adds a touch of style and creates a great outfit when matched with silver evening bag. A little goes a long way 

Go Onepiece

Wear one piece and add a little spice! For a casual dinner and movie night, wear a comfortable one-piece jumpsuit. You will not only look elegant but also charming. Whether you are going out somewhere fancy or just keeping it casual, it will work for both occasions. To complete an outfit, add a clutch bag and shoes in the same colour.  

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