Have you ever opened your suitcase after a long-distance flight only to find your luggage in a mess and your lotions and make up have spilt all over your clothes?  

That's not a pleasant experience, especially after a long flight. Choosing the right cosmetic bag, where you can fit all your make up neatly and securely, is crucial for the safe arrival of your clothes and the successful start of your trip.   

Cosmetic bags come in many styles, colours and sizes. The one you ultimately decide to buy needs to be able to fit your requirements and your budget. If you consider yourself a makeup junkie, larger makeup bag will be perfect for you; however, if you are a mascara and a lipstick person, you may want to look at smaller bags.  

AMPOUR's cosmetic bags come in two sizes: large and small. They are made from the finest upcycled vintage silk saris. We reuse old silk saris to create this specific bag collection, reducing plastic waste at the same time. They are easily washable and reusable, so you don't have to worry about getting a new cosmetic bag any time soon. Just put them in the washing machine when they get dirty and watch them turn back to their perfect selves.  

The colours and floral patterns are gorgeous and universal. You can choose the style and colour which matches your personality. Be creative with these bags as much as you want.   

AMPOUR's cosmetic bags come in beautiful universal colours and floral patterns and are very soft to the touch. Versatility is key to designing these bags, as you can use them during the day or evening. We can guarantee that they will add a touch of elegance to any of your outfits. 

Large Cosmetic Bag

Very spacious and convenient as there is enough room to pack everything in. Perfect for those of you who need more space than usual - shampoo, body wash, make up kit etc. 

See this bag here. 

Small Cosmetic Bag

It's a smaller size bag, but still, you will be able to fit all your everyday essentials. You can carry it with you all day long. Perfect for a lipstick, mascara, phone and keys. 

See this bag here.

Hope you liked our blog. Let us know the comment section below which cosmetic bag do you use for your travels?


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