Finding a perfect dress for work is a tricky business and there are few things you will want to keep in mind. First and foremost – comfort – how comfortable is the dress? At the end of the long day, it doesn’t matter how good the dress looks but how comfortable it is. The second thing to consider is the dress code of the workplace. If it's your new job it would be best to find out beforehand what's the dress code so you won't end up wearing something that is totally inappropriate. Third of all you need to take your own personal style into consideration. All your clothes are the reflection of you, it's your style and you own it. Whether you are a fan of statement shapes or muted colours always wear something that reflects your own personal style. 

Here are our favourite looks: 

The Special Meeting Dress 

The special meeting dress needs to look classic and professional. The dark colour dress is a classic feminine option which is suitable for every workplace. Invest in one piece that you can keep for special business meetings.   



Business Suit 

Business Suit is a great option for every professional workplace. It is very versatile and you can wear it with trousers, skirts or dresses. If you wear the suit with a dress make sure it feels comfortable and it’s long enough to prevent any awkward situations.   




Long blouses or sweatshirts are acceptable less formal workplaces as long as they look presentable and professional in case of an unexpected meeting with the client.  



The Casual Business Look

It's one of the easiest looks to pull off. A smart and sleek dress will look great paired with a dark smart blazer and a pair of heels.  



Office Glam

Don't forget that you can dress casually and still look glamorous at the same time. If your clothes are made from good fabrics and look elegant that's a win-win for you! A bit of imagination and a good quality fabrics will do the trick.   


Edgy Look 

Perfect office style for women who work in the creative field. The style is very imaginative and can be quite out of ordinary.  



Hope you liked our picks. Let us know in the comment section below which is your favourite style :-)    


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