If you are a short woman - 5'4 and below, you know that finding the right clothing can be a real battle. When you are short every piece of clothing may seem way too long, too stretched or too loose. Being a short woman can feel frustrating at times but fear not! We have a few tips and tricks for you that can help you achieve your desired elongated look.   


Vertical Stripes 

Forget about horizontal stripes as they will make you look much wider than you already are. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, give the illusion of height. Try wearing stripes on pants, dresses and skirts.   


The Petite Section 

If you are a short person your best bet is the petite section. Look for stores either online or offline who specialize in clothing for shorter women. These cuts will likely fit you better rather than regular clothing manufactured for high street retailers.  



Invest In High Waisted Bottoms  

High waisted bottoms can add the illusion of height. Wearing high waisted shorts, skirts or pants create a kind of optical illusion.   



A pair of well-fitted heels can complement your short figure. High heels will add height and confidence to your look. Never wear heels that are so high that you feel off balance.  



Tuck In Your Shirt  

When you are short every single shirt and sometimes T-shirt you try is going to be long. An easy way to fix this issue is to tuck it in. Make sure that the shirt never covers your zipper.  


The Right Pants 

When choosing a pair of pants make sure they are fitted so they don't look bulky. Try to avoid cropped pants as they will make you look a lot shorter.    


Tailor Your Shirts 

Shirts are not generally made for short girls. Pulling up the straps a bit higher will help you look slimmer.    


Don't Shy Away From Maxi Style 

Thoughts of dressing in maxi-length skirts and dresses can keep you up at night. However, this style looks great on shirt girls, as long as it is the right length.  


Mini Skirts And Dresses  

Mini skirts and dresses look great on shorts girls, as long as they are above the knee. Combined with the right choice of shoes they can create an appearance of long and lean legs.  


Choose The Right Belt  

Well-matched belts can effectively cut your body in half and create that elongated silhouette look.  



Hope you liked our tips. Let us know in the comment section below which is your favourite style.  



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