Animal prints have been dominating fashion world for many years now. One of the hottest trends of any season is leopard print. It is one of those prints that will add a dash of colour and excitement to any wardrobe. 

Find out how we like to wear this print! 


As they say “Shoes are the sexiest way to wear leopard print”. Pair them with a dress or pair of jeans.  



The easiest and the trendiest way to wear an animal print. It will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.  


A silk animal print scarf is perfect to wear with a dress. This is the easiest way to rock this trend. 


This is the statement piece of a true fashionista. A perfect investment for many years to come as this print is iconic and will stay for a very long time.


Leopard print dress is perfect for any season, wear with plain and muted colours to balance the style.  


Leopard prints are quite dramatic in themselves so try to keep them simple. Subtle top or sweatshirt will do the trick.

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