Tote bag is an ideal piece to wear this season. We have seen them everywhere: on the runaways, on the shoulder of famous designers and celebrities, on the streets, at the cafes, schools, workplaces, the list goes on. 

If you dream of a cool and comfortable bag to wear this season - you should definitely go for tote bags. They are big enough to carry all your accessories in one place. You can carry almost everything: phones, wallets, laptops, kid’s stuff or clothes for a change. There are so many styles and designs to choose from. This year's Spring and Summer is all about vibrant colours and patterns.  

We at AMPOUR, love to keep things comfortable and functional. Our tote bags come in a variety of colours and sizes. You can shop them here. We wanted to create a simple and convenient bag that will cater to every type of lifestyle. You can wear it whilst going out to the gym and you need that extra bit of space for your gym clothes or during an evening out where you can put your cosy jumper in (it's still Spring!). The bag is convenient and comfortable to carry everything and once it gets dirty - yes you guessed it - it can be washed. Just read the label before you put in the wash. 

AMPOUR is a women fashion company developed in London and New York. 

Find our recycled silk collection below. 


 Shop our range of recycled silk printed bags here:


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