No matter if you are in a relationship or if you are single Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for stepping up your style game! Your outfit should depend on the occasion, you don’t want to look overdressed or underdressed. It's all about making sure you are looking appropriately for whatever you have planned for.  


Fancy Restaurant Date 

The goal here is to appear well dressed and attractive! First and foremost - it's winter, so don't forget to put a warm jacket or coat on! With this in mind, a nice camel coat will keep you warm. Then, choose a colour or an outfit that you are always complimented on - you can't go wrong with that! A simple and classic dress would be the best option! If it's one of your first dates and you want to impress, learn how to balance your outfit for the best appearance! If you wear something short, balance it with long sleeves and if you decide to wear something with a low cut at the front, wear it with a maxi skirt. You want to look and feel your best but not at the cost of your comfort! Balance it!  

The Staying - In Date 

If you haven't managed to book a dinner restaurant date and you are not the fan of crowded venues (they are not the most romantic spots) stay in the comfort of your own home! Your outfit should still look relaxed and presentable. For a cozy night in update the look with comfy pair of jeans and a sweater. And you are good to go! 

Casual Dinner Type of Date 

When it comes to a casual dinner you need to strike a balance. If you are going to a pub or coffee shop you still want to put an outfit that will impress your date! Make sure it’s special even if it's casual just in case you will end up going for drinks afterwards or even worse to a fancy restaurant! Try to aim for a smart-casual-sexy look, maybe a dress that's not too long but also not too short? Wear something that you feel comfortable in. Forget about the hot fashion trends and wear something that fits you, and shows off your best features. A pair of comfortable jeans a simple top and blazer should do the trick.   



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