Silk is our absolute favourite fabric. It looks pretty, shines and is soft, feels luxurious on the skin and lasts a long time. It's an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric as its made from cocoon wires from a silk butterfly larva. In India silk is often considered an heir loom and is passed from generation to generation. 

Generally garments made from silk are considered an investment and if looked after well they can be worn for decades. 

How to care for silk clothing at home? 

Before you start washing your silk garments - remember that silk fabric can bleed and potentially stain other clothes. That's why it's best if you wash every single silk item separately and if in doubt - dry clean. 

Because silk is a natural fibre it doesn't need as much washing as other fabrics. You can wear it up to 3 to 4 times. In between the washes you may want to refresh the fabric by steaming it for a short time. The good thing about steamers is - they do not only take away creases but also kill off the bacteria. If you don't have the steamer try to hang the silk garment in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The hot air should straighten the fabric quite easily.  

We don't recommend ironing, however, if you are not able to take away the creases while steaming, use iron on the low heat or silk setting only. 


Hand - Wash 

Always read the detergent label before using it on silk. Look for words such as "delicates" or "suitable for silk". Try to avoid harsh chemicals and use only mild detergents. 

  1. Use cold or slightly warm water to wash your silk garments. Cold water is best as it will prevent weakening the fabric over time. 
  2. Leave to soak for maximum of 5 minutes.
  3. Gently swish in the water.
  4. Rinse well in cold water. 
  5. You can apply fabric conditioner but it's not necessary. 
  6. Gently squeeze out the water and hang to dry or lay it flat. Avoid direct sunlight. 


Machine Wash

You can wash silk in the washing machine, however, we don't recommend it. Always look for the tags on the garments and check if it allows machine washing. If it does wash it on delicate or silk setting only, it will prevent any damage. Never use bleach and hard detergents opt instead for mild or delicate fabric alternatives. Don't forget to separate your colours and wash silk separately.  


Stain Removal

If your garment gets dirty you can easily clean the area with cool water and gentle soap. Rub the spot gently for a minute and hand wash in the cold water. Avoid using stain removal detergents as it can permanently damage the fabric. (e.g. the colours can fade). If you are not able to remove the stain by hand wash - dry clean instead. 



To avoid ironing in the future try to hang your silk garments in a cool and dry place. Silk creases easily so it's best not to keep it folded for a long time. 


If you have any doubts always dry clean your silk clothes. Silk is a very sensitive fabric and can lose its luster and texture if not handled properly. It can also be prone to colour bleeding especially if the colours are very light or dark, they can fade over time. Our advice - if in doubt -  always dry clean. 


Hope you liked our blog post. Let us know if you know of any other ways of caring for silk clothes. 

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