Petite women - contrary to popular belief come in all shapes and sizes. Petite usually refers to women who are 5'3 (160cm) and under. It's a tricky category to be in because you can be petite with long legs, narrow shoulders, be short or have long arms or curvy hips. It's the whole spectrum of different body types - who are simply short. If you are petite you will often find that shopping for clothing can be a real struggle and more often than not you can often find yourself rolling up your sleeves and cuffing up your jeans. 

The main rule of thumb here is choosing the outfits that will flatter your figure and make you appear just a little bit taller.  

Luckily enough there are plenty of styling tips that will work brilliantly with your figure...     

Wear Heels

Wearing heels is the number one rule when it comes to dressing a petite frame as it's the easiest and an obvious way to gain height. Beware of this rule though, if your heels are too high they will make you look out of proportion.  

Wear a Dress

Dresses look great on short women as they automatically create a taller look. Opt for a tight, slim and knee-length dress as this will make you appear even taller. 

Get The Right Fit

A short figure should, in general, stay away from buggy clothes, instead invest in well-fitted flared pants and dresses. The flare adds a graceful and curved touch and will make you appear a lot longer.   

Vertical Patterns

Invest in vertical pattern clothes. They will create length and make you look longer and taller. 

Don't Overlook Kids Section

If you are short and petite you can't really get away with shopping in the kid's section. These days shops like Uniqlo or Zara offer a great selection of clothes designed for kids styled like mini adults. Their sizing doesn't always make sense but they go for half the price.  

Shop Petite

The smartest way is to shop petite. These specifically sized clothes have shorter sleeves, higher knee positions and narrower shoulders. They are usually the same clothes you find in any other retail shop but are made for smaller dimensions in mind.    

Don't forget that petite women come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right clothing is not always easy. A lot depends on your own preference and individual style. Use this article as a styling guide but don't forget that fashion doesn't really follow any rules :-) 


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