For those of you who love to shop, blog, tweet, Insta, snap, chat or just look good at work we compiled all the best British fashion blogs and websites, so we can get you up to speed with the latest fashion trends. If you are searching for online style inspiration then you know it is easy to fall down the black hole of Insta-hell, which never ends. With these blogs and websites, you will learn all about what is hot at the moment, what is trendy, what looks good on you and what you must have in your wardrobe. 

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5 inch and up   

One of the most popular and cool fashion blogs in recent years. Sandra Hagelstam, who is behind 5 inch and up comes from Finland and currently lives in London. The blog features neutrals, feminine shapes and high heels. Sandra mixes up her personal style posts with diaries of her travels and latest beauty finds. Find more about her on the link below: 


She Wears Fashion 

Kavita Donkersley, a beauty behind she wears fashion, stared her fashion blog when she was only 16 years old. Initially the blog featured her vintage finds but now covers all aspects of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Find more about her on the link below: 


The Frugality  

Alexandra Stedman is an ex-fashion editor who stared her blogging adventure after leaving her full-time job. Alex’s blog specializes in all things thrifty! She is not into quality but rather the price. Her blog is about fashion, lifestyle and travel. Find more about her on the link below: 


Megan Ellaby  

If you like to stand out from the crowd – this is the blog for you. Megan started her blog whilst at University and her feed is full of killer style tips and outfit ideas for every season of the year. Find more about her on the link below: 


Cammille Over the Rainbow  

Cammille is half French / half British Parisian living in London. Her feed is full of new fashion finds, personal style and jet setting lifestyle. Find more about her on the link below:

Fashion blog



Good old Pinterest – one of the best sources for style and outfit inspiration around. Did you know that on Pinterest there are more than 602 million boards on Fashion along with over 21 billion fashion ideas? When it comes to style and fashion Pinterest is a treasure trove, so make a good use of it. Find more about her on the link below: 



Insta Style Women 

The motto here is “help you live your best for less”. This site gives you an advice on how to dress well for less and notifies you of all the great deals and sales at any given time. Want to check it out?  



Harper’s Bazaar Online 

Harper’s Bazaar online will provide you with tons of fashion inspiration and give you the inside scoop on the latest trends for a variety of styles. Find more about her on the link below: 


Fashion Blog


Refinery 29  

Even though it’s not British, refinery29 has a lot of great material and their fashion niche is one of the best. This website is one of the fastest growing independent fashion and style websites in the USA.   

Check them out here: 



Even if you don’t have the time to chase the latest fashion trends online you can subscribe to fashion magazines and have fashion advice delivered to you. They usually send you a magazine once a month with the current fashion news and trends. Where there is a will, there is a way!    

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