"Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. With those holiday greetings and great happy meetings" as the saying goes. We all love Christmas - giving and receiving presents, eating tons of delicious food, playing some board games and spending time with our loved ones. It's also the time when people seem to willingly throw unwanted gifts away. Most of us have too much stuff already which means during the holiday season we need to think carefully what we give. Instead of buying tons of plastic we should opt for long-lasting, compostable and recyclable gifts. 

Find out our favourite zero waste gift ideas that you can gift your loved ones this Christmas!


Gifts such as unforgettable experience can last a lifetime in memories. There are so many things you can do e.g. purchase tickets to a concert, theatre, ballet, restaurant. You can go ice skating, indoor rock climbing and the list goes on and on. Experience is a wonderful gift as long as you know what the person likes and enjoys.

Reusable Water Bottle

If your loved one is cutting down on plastic and waste reduction then a reusable water bottle is a great idea. They are a common sight these days and you can take them anywhere with you. 

Coconut Bowls

If you have an "Instagrammer" in your family this one is for you. As they say "The most instagrammable" bowls you'll ever buy are coconut bowls. They are organic, recyclable and made from hand-picked coconut shells. Perfect gift for any insta girl or a boy.

Recyclable Journal / Notebook

They're reusable, re-saleable, recyclable, donatable and compostable. They are made with waste paper which would have been otherwise thrown in landfill or burned. Perfect for any aspiring writer or a journalist.

Refillable Fountain Pens

We are all being fed up with buying pens over and over again and the fountain pen is the perfect alternative. You can top up the ink easily every time it runs out. It's a long-lasting gift for everyone.

Loose Leaf Chai Blend

If you have any tea lover in your circle of family and friends this one is for you. You can make it yourself at home. Recipe: Mix black tea with cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom pods, star anise, coriander seeds, black peppercorns and ginger. You Welcome!   

Hope you liked our zero waste Christmas gift ideas! For more zero waste gift ideas visit: www.ampouronline.com 


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