In recent years brands have been on a mission to change the way how conscious fashion is viewed! The customer a decade ago is not the same customer now. Years of pursuing money, status and personal achievements are over. Today people are seeking balance, simplicity and sustainable life. Customers are asking the right questions: "What fabrics are being used to make my clothes?" and "Who actually makes my clothes?" 

Sustainable brands are becoming more and more clearer about their purpose and vision and the latest trend is not a popular colour or a must-have but a sustainable and ethical fashion. 

Scroll down to see our favourite sustainable brands!

Alternative Apparel

The brand focuses on using organic cotton and recycled fabrics. Their pieces have a timeless vintage look. They also use sustainable packaging and low impact dyes. Shop them here! 


HM & Conscious

The H&M uses organic cotton and recycled polyester. You can also recycle your unwanted clothes at the store, so that they won't end up in the landfill and can be reused later. Shop them here!

People Tree

It's a UK brand that promotes ethical practices - good wages and fair conditions for all the workers who make their clothes. They use environmentally-friendly organic cotton and low impact dyes in their production. Shop them here! 


The company that is known for it's soft, fine and breathable Egyptian cotton. They make classic tops and sweatshirts. Shop them here! 


Fair trade certified clothing company. Its super-soft basics and activewear are made of 100% organic long-staple cotton. Shop them here!


The brand mainly focuses on using recycled silk in its production. They make beautiful silk dresses, tops and dusters. You can shop them here! 


Fact: What are the most sustainable fabrics? The ones that have been used before.  

Did you like our blog post? What are your favourite sustainable brands! Share with us today:-)


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