If you are a tall girl you know that the struggle is real; nothing fits quite right, jeans are too short and T-shirts are too narrow. Dressing the tall frame is not as easy as others think and the process can be frustrating. Tall girls usually hide their long frames to blend with the crowd. Don’t forget that having long legs is something to embrace and not to be ashamed of. Height is what makes you beautiful and unique! Even if you dread shopping trips don't forget you can still find the wardrobe of your dreams as long as you accept the challenge and get creative.  

If you are tall or have a friend who is tall keep reading for great styling tips for tall women.   

Maxi dresses and skirts 

Maxi dresses and skirts are made for tall girls! Try to choose slightly longer dresses as they will highlight your long legs and gorgeous height. 


Embrace heels

If anyone tells you not to wear heels – ignore them. Wearing flats is not going to hide your tall frame. Embrace your height and don't shy away from heels. Don't forget that women who wear heels are perceived as confident, proud and sexy!  

Have fun with colour and patterns

A tall frame is perfect for florals and patterns. Get creative and mix things up on your top and bottom half such as patterned top and black pants, it will look great and will break up your height. Avoid dressing all in one colour as it can make you look longer.  

Wear Jumpsuits

Don't hide away from jumpsuits! They are perfect for tall figures and single piece loose-fitted jumpsuit will only highlight your gorgeous frame.  

and skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are your best friends, they are the perfect fit for your long legs.  

Last but not least...find a good tailor, it is a great way to ensure that all your clothes fit perfectly!   

All in all, always opt for something you feel good and comfortable in so that you can show off your stunning long figure. As Harry Winston once said:  "People will stare. Make it worth their while." 

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